Journey of Initiation ~ Sangoma
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Looking for my cow
Baba and Maziya witness me finding my cow
Children watching Gretchen's  graduation.
Goat objects hidden and found!
Water ritual
Baba P.H. dancing his ancestors in celebration of Gretchen's successful graduation
Baba dancing with other sangoma
Sangomas dancing
Gretchen's African family, the Mambas and Nduna
Maureen Phelan came to witness Gretchen's graduation. Nduna and the Mamba daughters join them.
Luvenga Clinic ~ Traditional Doctor P.H. Mtshali
Ancestors "homes" ~ ndumbes
Baba P.H. Mtshali with his son Nduna, working with "muthi" (medicinal herbs)
Gretchen's "Ancestor Party" to welcome her as a thwasa ~ 2000
Carrying water from the reservoir
Maziya and Mama, two of Gretchen's mentors
Graduation guests
Muthi (herbs) and bones
Some of the bones and objects in Gretchen's divination set.
Gretchen throwing the bones
Trip to Swaziland ~ 2006
Our beloved Baba P.H. Mtshali, traditional doctor and sangoma, passed away January 24, 2011. He has become one of the Ancestors now. 

Sangoma Kate greeting our group at her homestead
Students preparing to entertain us with traditional dancing
Traditional Swazi dance with high kicks
Kate in trance, dancing her Ancestor
Another sangoma trance dancing
Mr. Mamba and Gretchen excited to meet again
Elders talking at Mr. Mamba's homestead
Ancestor ndumbe
Sangoma, Mr. Mamba
Mr. Songwe, the prophet
Gretchen presenting a gift to Baba PH
Smudging in preparation for ceremony
The altar
P.H. initiating me as mentor for thwasas in America.
Initiation into PH's Zulu lineage
Mandaza Kandemwa, Svikiro and Mhondoro
Mandaza with his children in Zimbabwe
Retreat gathering at Pine Manor, Lake Elsinore, CA in 2010.
Mandaza Kandemwa ~ Svikiro (traditional healer) & Mhondoro (peacemaker) from Zimbabwe
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October 29, 2011 was a magical day. After a year of preparation, our shamanic community gathered to raise the tipi, honoring the ancestors and spirits of the land.

Aho Mitakuye Oyas'in ~ For all our relations.
Trip to Hlatikulu, S. Africa for Lorna Cluttey's Photula (graduation as Sangoma), April 2013
All packed and ready to head to the mountains!
Crossing to river to Africa Shaman Retreat
The Makhosini (sacred hut of the Ancestors) sitting above our campsite.
View of our campsite
Twasas during their morning prayer rituals
Pumping drinking water from the borehole
Makhosi Mkhulu Baba Radebe (Zulu elder sangoma and spiritual grandfather to the lineage of Makhosi Sarah Wager and Makhosi Muvo Ngcobo, Makhosi Lorna's mentors).
Makhosi Gogo Mncwabe, Zulu elder and  a mentor to Makhosi Sarah Wager and Makhosi Ngcobo at Africa Shaman Experience.
Makhosi Sarah Wager hard at work at Africa Shaman Retreat. She is co-founder of Africa Shaman Experience and Africa Shaman Retreat.
Makhosi Muvo Ngcobo, co-founder of Africa Shaman Experience and Africa Shaman Retreat
Makhosi Siri Barker
Makhosi Jay
Makhosi Richard
Star, the sangoma canine
Makhosi Gogo Mncwabe showing Makhosi Lorna how to make traditional bread for the gathering.
Makhosi Jay preparing food to serve the crowd attending Lorna's photula
Sangomas coming for Makhosi Lorna's photula (graduation).
Laughter is good!
Makhosi Gogo Gretchen