2017 Shamanic Workshops & Training

Reveal, Release, Transform Family Patterns
When: Saturday, November 4, 2017
Time: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Where: Private residence in Laguna Beach, CA
Fee:  $150 (Pre-payment required to hold space. Payment includes processing fee.)

Not all our ancestors have been wise and loving in their choices. When hearts and minds and hopes were broken, their woundings resulted in traumas that have been passed down through our DNA. Connecting with the gifts and talents that you inherited and recognizing the sacrifices your ancestors made provides a healing environment for releasing the past through forgiveness and love.

This powerful experiential workshop will explore family patterns and subconscious limiting beliefs that need to be released, for the past, the present, and the future. 

Prerequisites: At least one successful shamanic journey


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Payment methods accepted: cash, check, or credit card.
Deposit requested to hold your space.

3rd Two Year Advanced Group
3rd Two Year Advanced Shamanic Training Group at Pine Manor
4th Two Year Advanced Shamanic Training Group at Pine Manor
5th Two Year Group on the land in Laguna Beach
Meeting at Pine Manor

Begins February 2018. Now taking applications.

Prerequisite for this program is a working knowledge of shamanic journeying
and personal shamanic work with Gogo Gretchen or another approved practitioner

Ancestral Wisdom’s two-year training was created to provide you with experiential initiations and rituals of the ancient ways of the shaman. Gogo Gretchen is a fully initiated sangoma/traditional healer from the Zulu lineage. She was “called” by her Ancestors (Spirit Guides) to train (itwasa) in Southern Africa. Gogo Gretchen has completed traditional training in Africa and graduated in traditional African ceremonies. Although this two-year program is not an African training, and you will not be a sangoma at the end of it, the wisdom and perspective of the sangoma will be shared throughout the two years. Gogo Gretchen's mentoring will reflect the ancient wisdom of the sangoma: surrender, humility, respect, community, ritual, oneness.

Benefits of this program include opportunities to experience life with more power, confidence and joy. Throughout the program you will be asked to surrender, to detach from outcomes, and to become the healing you want to see in the world. The Ancestors will take you deeply into your soul’s journey, revealing both shadow and light, asking you to surrender ego and embrace your inner truth and beauty. 

Shamans are called by Spirit. It is not a simple choice that one makes. While people can train people, it is the Ancestors who initiate shamans and make them authentic healers and agents of change. Therefore there will be no certificate at the end of this training. 

In addition to the foundational understanding of African traditional healing, participants will be introduced to “core healing techniques” as taught through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and Sandra Ingerman. Working with the spirits of nature will be a focus throughout the program as well.

During this two-year program you will explore the wisdom of the shamanic path. You will learn classic healing methods such as extraction, soul retrieval, psychopomp and absentee healing with an emphasis on ethical responsibility, clear diagnostic work and how to effectively follow the guidance of Spirit. You will have opportunities to experience initiations, group rituals, spiritual manifestation, and work with your compassionate helping spirits to develop a strong relationship. 

The two-year program meets for a total of six intensive weekends plus bi-weekly conference calls. You must commit to attending all weekend sessions. The bi-weekly conference calls will be scheduled during the first weekend.

Four of the weekends will be held at a private residence in Laguna Beach, CA. The other two trainings are residential weekends at a retreat center in Lake Elsinore. There is an extra fee for lodging and food for these two weekends.

Training Dates: 
Feb 10 & 11, June 9 & 10, Oct 12 - 14, 2018
Feb 9 & 10, June 8 & 9, Oct 11-13, 2019

Total fee for the program is $2781.00 (6 weekends)
Extra fees apply for the two Pine Manor residential weekends

If accepted into the program, there are two payment options:
  • Non-refundable payment of $500 thirty days prior to the first weekend training. You will be required to provide a valid Visa or MasterCard to set up the monthly payment schedule for the remaining tuition. This is a 20-month payment plan of $115 per month (March 2018 -  October 2019). 
  • Total payment - 10% discount. Credit cards accepted.

Acceptance into this training is by application only
Prerequisite requirements for this two-year training are that you have completed personal work with Gogo Gretchen, or another approved shamanic practitioner, and that you are able to journey successfully to the Upper and Lower worlds and feel a strong connection to your Compassionate Spirit Allies.

Please provide a two-page letter that details your personal reasons for wishing to be accepted into this program. This letter should include:
  • Description of yourself
  • Your background in healing and/or your spiritual path.
  • Who have your shamanic teachers been? Who has inspired you on your shamanic path?
  • What healing modalities have you learned and how do you use these techniques with others? (i.e. Reiki, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing)
  • Discuss your relationship with your Spirit Guides. What experiences have you had with them? Or do you need more guidance in building a relationship with them?
  • Describe two of your shamanic journeys in detail. These should be journeys where you received direct guidance and/or healing from Spirit, for yourself or someone else. Include your question and your interpretation.
  • How do you envision using this training? 
  • Will you commit to all six intensive weekends over a period of two years?

Please send your application letter to Gogo Gretchen at gcmckay2@mac.com.

Testimonials for the Two-Year Program
"Meeting Gretchen McKay some 5 years ago, was like being taken on a gentle hand-held tour of “new realms and possibilities.” The 2-year Advanced Shamanic Training Program further expanded my perceptions of “time,” by opening the doors to our ancestral past, which also holds unrecognized mysteries about ourselves."
Shirley K.

"First, I want to mention that because of the training I received from Gretchen I can honestly say that it profoundly deepened my relationship with the Divine within me and greatly helped me define the “calling” of my soul all of which speaks to the very foundation of the shamanic path. This in addition to the actual skill based aspects of the training I received played a major role in me becoming the competent and ethical Shamanic Practitioner I am today."
Melody P.

"This fantastic collective of classes enhanced my life tremendously. Learning from my Guides promotes Wisdom from Within, tapping into true source which is uniquely my own. From this practice I am able to determine truth when it shows up. I am continuing this practice of working with this Truth to learn life lessons of which I am here to master."
Gary C.

"The two year shamanic program with Gretchen Crilly McKay was an eye opening journey that one would want to continue longer than the two years. For me it expanded my horizon and widened my idea of what is possible. I did things that a few years ago I would not have thought possible. It has lighted the way on the path that calls to me. As a Reiki master, the program has added texture and dimension to my work. I was excited to meet others of a like mind and to find a loving and welcoming community." 
Bob L.
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Chakras are our energy centers. They are the openings for life force to flow into and out of our aura. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. They are associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions.

These 7 energy centers also carry the subconscious limiting beliefs that can keep us from fully claiming our health and well-being. When we connect with each center to reveal these old patterns and beliefs, we can release them and allow new awareness and transformation into our life.

Over a period of eight months we will focus on one chakra per month, clearing ancestral and karmic issues and releasing subconscious limiting beliefs, creating the opening for transformation and co-creating a new paradigm for ourself and loved ones. We will use a variety of shamanic techniques including art, music, drumming, and dancing to explore each chakra center. You will also be expected to continue working on each center at home between sessions. 

Where: Private residence in Laguna Beach, CA
When: TBA - private or small group sessions 
8 two-hour sessions plus follow-up emails between sessions. 
Fee: (PayPal payment includes processing fee)

You may choose to do this work one-on-one with Gretchen or organize one or two friends to join you.

OPTION 2 (Payment made through PayPal or Square)
8 virtual sessions via Skype with guidance for each chakra. The first session is 90 minutes ($190) and the following 7 sessions are $125 each.


When: Sunday, January 15, 2017 or Sunday, June 11, 2017
Time: 10am to 5pm
Where: Private residence in Laguna Beach, CA
Fee: $125 per session
(Prior to the class I ask that you read Sandra Ingerman's book, 
Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide)

In this class we will connect with our Lower World and Upper World compassionate spirit allies for the purpose of healing ourselves and our communities. This is an experiential course where we will enter non-ordinary reality using the shamanic journey and other techniques. 

Journeying is the foundational tool for shamanic study and healing and provides the passageway that has been used for centuries to obtain information from other dimensions, realms, and realities. Through the journeying process, you can receive information, knowledge and wisdom which you can utilize for solving problems, gaining clarity about life’s circumstances, or simply to build your awareness and understanding of the different worlds beyond. Journeying is a perfect way to learn what direction is needed in your life to facilitate wholeness.

Shamanic journeying is a prerequisite for all other classes.
Chakra Clearing
7th Two Year Training
7th Two Year Training
Web-based course
Reveal, Release, Transform Family Patterns

This is a six week course and is "on demand" meaning that your 
course will begin the day that you purchase it. 

This is an email and Internet based course with three modules that will cover 6 weeks. Every two weeks you will receive an email with a password-protected link to the material. You will be invited to a private Facebook page and be able to connect with others taking the class.

​Each module will include a video talk by Gretchen, printable handouts, experiential activities, and a access to Gretchen via Facebook or email. ​An optional offering is a 30 minute session with Gretchen during the course for a discounted $35 (regular fee for a private 30-minute session is $65).

For registration, payment options, and more information visit www.ancestralwisdomonline.com

New Class for 2017

Spiritual hygiene, by definition, is a set of practices that is concerned with maintaining a clean subtle body to promote and maintain physical health and well-being. Just as dirt accumulates on your skin, energies constantly accumulate on your subtle body and in your home. It affects how you feel, what you think, how others perceive you, what effects you have on your surroundings, how much you are in touch with yourself, and how much stress and fear you have in your life.

​Join Gretchen for this hands-on exploration in Laguna Beach, CA, working with nature to cleanse, purify, and protect your personal and collective environment. These practices can also be applied to your clients. 

Four Saturdays, 10am to 3pm: Feb 4, Mar 18, Apr 22, June 10, 2017
Payment Options: 

For detailed information, registration, and payment options visit www.ancestralwisdom.com/Spiritual-Hygiene