Gogo Gretchen Crilly McKay
Sangoma / Shamanic Practitioner
During the current state of lockdown due to Covid-19 I am continuing to offer consultations & healings via Skype and/or FaceTime

African Bone Readings, Healing Ancestral Patterns, Soul Retrieval & Soul Remembering, 
Sacred Ritual & Ceremony, Spiritual Hygiene with Herbs & Aromatherapy, Spiritual Life Coach, Shamanic Mentor & Teacher​

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Fees & Cancellation Policy
Payment methods accepted: cash, check, or credit card

Private Consultations and Healings
Divination (from Latin divinare "to foresee, to be inspired by a god”), is the discovery of things hidden in the past, the present, or the future by the interpretations of signs, symbols, and omens. It is a means of gaining insight for self and others. The casting of objects - bones, shells, curios, and stones - is a divination system practiced by people throughout the world for centuries.

In Africa part of a Sangoma's training is learning to throw bones. My set includes bones received during initiation ceremonies as well as shells, objects, and curios that assist me in divining. Through this system the ancestors speak to me regarding the client's issues and provide guidance for moving through obstacles. 

The initial consultation includes a reading with the bones and takes approximately one hour. The reading can be done long distance but the experience of looking at the bones "talk" is unique and powerful. Appropriate healing will be diagnosed from this reading and follow-up sessions scheduled if necessary.

Payments by cash or check
30 minutes - $65
60 minutes - $125
90 minutes - $190
2 hours - $250
Long distance consultations available via 
phone, Zoom, or FaceTime:
30 minutes - $68 
60 minutes - $130
90 minutes - $198
2 hours - $260
(payments include credit card fees)

Spiritual Extraction
Spiritual extraction is the shamanic process of removing negative energies which have manifested within the body as localized illness and pain. The practitioner's compassionate spirit helpers assist in displacing these energies for the purpose of restoring health and well-being. Two or more sessions are often required to complete the work.

What is Shamanism?
Shamanism is the earliest spiritual practice known to mankind, dating back at least 30,000 years. Shaman is a Tungus word from Siberia referring to a person who goes into an altered, trance-like state for the purpose of contacting the compassionate spirits who help them in healing the spiritual aspect of illness. Throughout the centuries in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe, these traditional healers have interacted directly with the spirits to divine information, perform soul retrievals, assist souls in crossing over, and perform various rituals and ceremonies within the community. 

From a shamanic perspective there is usually a spiritual issue at the core of illness. A person may have lost his or her power, resulting in depression, chronic illness or misfortune. Due to emotional or physical trauma, a person can experience soul loss. The shaman journeys into the Other World, or non-ordinary reality, to retrieve the soul essence and bring it back to restore the person's lost power.  


Sacred Ceremony
These ceremonies are performed by a shamanic practitioner and can include house blessings & clearings, purification ceremonies, limpias, and psychopomp. Using personalized formulas of herbs and pure essential oils, remedies are developed by connecting with compassionate helping spirits and the ancestors and then used to perform the ritual. A psychopomp ceremony assists those who have died but not crossed over, guiding them to the light and peace. 

Soul Retrieval & Soul-Remembering
Loss of vital essence, or soul, is a self-protective response to trauma. Soul retrieval is a method for restoring wholeness to a person by returning the lost essence.

Soul-remembering is follow-up work for soul retrieval . The practitioner helps in the process of rooting the returned essence and in discovering how to incorporate the healing gifts, talents, and strengths that the essence brings into a person's life for healing.

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