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Journey of an American Sangoma

Soul Retrieval: Bringing Lost Soul Essence "Home"
"Why Shamanism Now: Initiation Series" ~ an Interview with Gretchen
Home-Study Course
"Restoring Personal Power through Forgiveness and Love"
~ A 4-week Self-study course with Gretchen Crilly McKay

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$35 for the 4-week course

Herbal Products ~ Gaelita's Garden
Gaelita's Healing Salve
Handmade salve created by Gretchen with intention & love.

First aid for burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes, & wounds.

olive oil, comfrey, calendula, plantain, chickweed, marshmallow root, 
& pure essential oils

$15.00 ~ 2oz jar
Testimonials for Gretchen's salve...

This healing salve is extraordinary. Since I was introduced to it in 2006 I don't go anywhere without it. While the pure ingredients sooth and heal the skin, the loving intentions invested in the making of the salve is the true healing power behind it. This is not skin deep stuff. It is the real thing made with care, love and inspiration. ~ Irene

Gretchen's salve is a miracle! I've used it on burns (curling iron), rashes, insect bites and all kinds of boo-boos - and it has never failed to soothe, comfort and absolutely speed up the healing process. I LOVE IT!!! ~ Shoal 

This salve has become a standard in our family to fix any "boo boos" and anything skin related. When I asked my 6 year old why he likes "Auntie Gretchen's cream", he replied: "It feels good all over my body!" Recently, he has begun using this all over his body before going to bed! ~ Patti

We use "Grammy G's" magic lotion all the time on our kids, for every scrape and bump and bruise. I use it for lip balm and Shawn puts it on his shaving cuts. It works wonders in our home! ~ Maile

I've been using Gretchen's salve for years and it's the best! I'm always burning myself and a little salve and no blister no pain. This salve is the balm! ~ Dustin

Gretchen's healing salve is not only made up of wonderful ingredients but also with the intention of love and healing. Mixed together this makes for a high vibrational salve that my family and I use all the time with wonderful soothing results. ~ Lorna

I have been using Gretchen's salve for over a decade, and I've been sharing it with family and friends as well. I've seen it do amazing things for burns, cracked skin, chronic skin conditions like eczema and reduce the swelling and redness of scars. I refer to it as "my friend Gretchen's magic salve." I believe that the love and ceremony that goes into making it transforms the natural ingredients into something that provides
amazing healing. ~ Becky

​Listen to Victoria Vives' interview with Gretchen on EarthSky Radio, August 26, 2014
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