The Ancestors by Gogo Gretchen Crilly McKay
"Ancestors are benevolent beings who love us. You are their legacy and they want the best for their progeny. Their own evolution in the Other World depends upon the completion of unfinished business or making amends for unkind acts or deeds that they may have committed during their lifetime." ~ Makhosi Baba P.H. Mtshali

Among your ancestors there is usually one or two chosen to look after your movements and then report back to the elders. Ancestors who have agreed to work with us may be grandparents or other deceased relatives, including ancient ancestors. This is your closest guardian who gives you warnings. Intuition, bodily sensations, a desire for certain foods, or resistance to certain invitations are some of the various ways that your ancestors may communicate with you. 

According to the African perspective, the "ancestors" include your ancestral lineage and other compassionate helping spirits that protect and guide each of us. This can include the beings that we call Ascended Masters, the angelic realm, and the Star Nations. However your often-forgotten biological ancestors have great interest in working with you because the evolution of their lineage depends upon healing old wounds and inherited limiting beliefs.

If you have not built a relationship with your ancestors, they may not be certain of your willingness to work with them. Ancestors speak the language of intuition and symbols through the elements, memories, dreams, and metaphors. If you want them to be active in your life, all it takes is your intention and a little outward celebration in their honor.
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October 29, 2011 was a magical day. After a year of preparation, our shamanic community gathered to raise the tipi, honoring the ancestors and spirits of the land.
Aho Mitakuye Oyas'in ~ For all our relations.
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On March 8th, 2015, we gathered for day of community spring cleaning and working on the land. We welcomed our new brothers and sisters to the beginning of the 7th Two-Year Shamanic Training and said farewell to our sweet sister, Joy Parker, who now walks with the ancestors.
Ancestral Wisdom joins Walk Intuit
Creating a Healing Space for Humans and Horses
“Honoring the individual while being held in community”

Walk Intuit, a non- profit organization, works with all ages throughout Orange County, California, providing safe space for mental health therapy and healing services. Ancestral Wisdom is joining Walk Intuit to manifest a safe space that honors the individual while being held in a safe community space. In honoring the individual while being held in community we break down emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual barriers and fears. We rebuild faith in self and others, trust, connection, a sense of safety, self- esteem, compassion, and empathy.

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